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Custom Varsity Jackets - Custom Letterman Jackets - Custom Corporate Jackets is America's #1 supplier of Varsity Letterman Jackets. Our custom varsity jackets are made from the highest quality wool and leather right here in the USA. All of our jackets can be decorated with custom chenille patches and embroidery. We have a a great selection of pre-done chenille patches, chenille mascots etc. in stock ready to sew on your jacket today. has the capability of providing the exact same jackets you'd get at your local sporting goods store but, you don't have to get out of the chair you're sitting in. Order your custom varsity letterman jacket from us and you'll save time and money. Your jacket will be delivered to your front door.

Custom is our specialty. We can custom make your varsity letterman jacket for you to your specs. We have a wide variety of colored wool and leather to match your needs. We offer a variety of styles in our custom jackets for you to choose from.
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 Design a Custom Letter Jacket to show your school, team spirit or to brand your company name!
You Can Match the Colors for Virtually Any School, Team or Institution in the World! 

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